“”About Multi-Personalities and a new Movie and website about a new film called ‘SPLIT-HD'” “By kerasotes””

“About Multi-Personalities and a new Movie and website about a new film called ‘SPLIT-HD'”
Mike Kerasotes [from my Facebook Page]

54 mins · {This person wrote me after my posting of my story about Michael and this is a nice site to see a HD Movie about multiple-personalities.  I would like to see this movie but I’ve seen so many of them and they are all so horrible to me now that we’ve or I’ve lost Michael the Original.  I think it poignant that it be here and that you go look at it.  Maybe I can view it on my smartphone someday or get it at our local Library.  It is about a man as far as I could tell and that would be worth watching since most of them are about women.  Michael was probably the only multi-personality that had only male personalities or alters and that is what intrigued his Doctor Maryonda Scher so much about him and why she was so horrified of his condition that she recommended the way to stay unwell and to it the “When Rabbit Howls” or Truddy Chase’s way.  She had 99 others who took over and cared for her since she went into a coma at age 2 and never came out of it.

“Yevi Nabela just wrote a like and a link and here it is for you to go with this post of mine today!

Yevi Nabela official Link “split” Full Movie HD ??
can you get here ??”

Split | HD [This is the name of the Movie]
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Mike Kerasotes
Mike Kerasotes thank you, I can get there but I cannot download it on this public computer. Yevi you are amazing that you understand and found something none of us knew about. It looks like a great place and I would like to read it very much. with my kindest regards, me

Mike Kerasotes

58 mins ·

“This is a hard week for me waiting till next tuesday, january 31st, 2017, to see the pulmonary specialist at 3 – 3:40 p.m. I don’t know what he’ll say about all the stuff I told my gastroenterologist about and his person Linda. They seemed to understand. Now I will find out what it is. I wonder what they can do about it. I worry about the never ending bleeding in my GI Tract and the pain of it and all the bone cancer stuff and the arthritis and the spurs you get after radiation and chemo. It is very hard to deal with and I have a hard time. I try not to complain about it much and people just don’t understand unless they’ve been through radiation. Not many people here and everywhere else know the pains of it and the bleeding and all the other things that go wrong after they treat you. It is an awful thing – radiation – just an awful thing.

On thursday, it will be two years since the second death sentence and I have made it that far beyond what everyone told me would happen !!! I can’t believe I lived this long after all the gruesome things I was told would happen to me and all the things everyone didn’t tell me would happen.

I have to find out if I have to pay taxes on Molina’s Apple part of Medicaid. I haven’t the faintest idea what that is about but i got papers on saturday and earlier set of papers from social security saying here was my form for taxes. I barely make $7000 a year. I wonder why I have to pay taxes. Do you have to pay taxes on what all the chemo and radiation treatments cost? I think I lost Apple by Molina years ago. So I have to call today and find out what all this means. I suppose it will take hours and hours of waiting and talking and finding out the explanations and then what i have to do or don’t do about it. Something I am not looking forward to do.

I finished my Miss Jane Marple Book “The Mirror Cracked” – it had a strange ending. It was like it was unfinished and you were left up in the air as to what the outcome was. Did she commit suicide? Did they kill the movie star? Was it her adopted children she abandoned after she got a real child of her own? Were they all in it together? Odd! It is odd because they usually have such intricate ways of telling you the endings and who did what to whom for whatever the reason or reasons were or was. I have 5 more of them to read. This one was sad to read. It reminded me of the life Michael must of had with his movie business parents and family and how they didn’t want them once they got a new baby girl of their own when Michael was 11 and Robert was 9 years old. After that, Michael’s parents really abandoned their children and beat them up in public for show. They really dreaded going out to eat in public or at their country clubs. This all stopped in Rancho Mirage basically in the early 1990’s but up until then, their parents always used the public places to show off how cruel they could be to their stupid children for doing something wrong. It was never really the kids fault, but the parents who had done the wrongs and were just punishing their children in public because that’s what they’d done since they bought them. In this book, Marina Gregg buys herself 3 kids and gives them everything and then takes it away by abandoning them and leaves them a bit of money to take them through schools, set up homes, and jobs unlike Michael and Robert’s parents did. They left them nothing out of all their billions of greedy stingy blood money that neither of the children wanted and left their parents to die alone. And it is the parents who left their children to die alone not the other way. For both sets of boys still cared about their parents even though they were butchered and tortured and molested and broken in so many horrid ways. I don’t write about that stuff, perhaps I should. I just haven’t had the time to do it on my wordpress pages. There on those pages are when the personalities came and what they did and parts are missing because the last helper didn’t want the last of the original personalities to know the beginning and what caused the original split in Michael to develop 56 others or 56 other personalties who all turned against but us last 3 new ones. Michael never knew the 55th and 56th personalities, they came after he died. I came in 2009 and knew him and liked and tried my best to help him through the roughest period of his life with his ugly rotten awful unjust personalities who only wanted to hurt him and be there instead of him with nothing planned to do with themselves or lives to live. It took The Mike who came the day after Michael died in April 2013 to tell us what we should have been doing and what that was was also explained by Michael but better explained by The Mike. We were to do the things Michael couldn’t do because of things like us or them. So I went on to do things that Michael wanted like giving gifts to his Culver Academies and his other favorite charities and helping others with stuff like Section 8 housing and the homeless and taking care of people who had problems Michael had been through and knew the way out of. I don’t know how to explain that any better right now – but maybe I can do that sometime if I have that time left. Right now it is questionable how much time I have.

I will leave it at that for the morning and maybe later I will be able to explain myself a little bit better. Michael always said that if you catch Multi-Personalities as a child, you have a better chance of curing it than if you catch it late in life or after you are 40 years old like the Eves of the 3 Faces of Eve or Sybil and her 16 others and not like Truddy Chase and her 99 others for she went into a comma at two from the abuse her parents dished out upon her and never ever woke up again. Her book “When Rabbits Howl” is worth reading if you suspect you have others and by others, I mean other people in you. It is like this: you have missing parts or memories – no childhood memories other than the schools you went to and certain nice events or a few things that bothered you and the punishments you got from your parents. I mean after 50 years of living and you only have about 10 memories of your whole life that means that you have had others in there taking your place and stealing your life away and leaving you blank and miserable. Do you understand? Does this help any of you? I hope so. That’s what Michael wanted with his book that almost got published before they blew up the World Trade Center and ended his publishing company’s project of publishing his book. So Mike or The Mike and The Me and I wrote on The Mike’s WordPress.com ‘s pages and tried to tell the story. Some of it is messed up and we were unable to clear out all the rot and fake stories and I have done my best to clean it up and apologize for the messes that I couldn’t clean up and wrote gobs about the systems the other personalities developed to keep Michael surpressed and away from living his life.

{ for WordPress.com go to kerasotes in the search box and enter that and you will find page after page after page after story after story of what we three wrote in spite of the 50 some odd others wanting to write rot and lies and not the truths about themselves. }

With my kindest regards,


Posted on January 23, 2017, a Monday Morning”


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