“”The other day I went out for certain things and ended up in my secret place and , … .” “By kerasotes””

“The other day I went out for certain things and ended up in my secret place and , … .”

The other day I went out for certain things and ended up in my secret place and met a man named Joel who is a Coast Guard Protector. It was one of the nicest times I have had so far! I really enjoyed myself and him. He was nice to me and we got a long really well. He liked my view on Politics and Why We Wanted Trump In Office and was pleased that my page on Facebook was “OPEN”! I have never had such a nice compliment from a stranger or a new person or a new acquaintance as I did that moment in my special place on my little day out. We talked for hours it seemed and had the best of times. I thought I’d write something different than the usual boring stuff I do and dread and experience and decided to share it with you since this computer was free. 

Speaking of computers, the fix it man is here today working on the 2 HP desktops in the “Off Broadway” room clearing out the viruses adware malware and bots. What fun we had chatting. I went into the room to see why someone was using 2 computers at once and realized as soon as I looked what he was doing. We talked of “Ender’s Game” and the other 3 or 4 books in the series and how much we really liked that movie and how we wished we had computers that you could just wave your arms and hands around and twist the screens and universes around and what fun that would be.

So there are two things that I did in the past few days having fun and enjoying my time that I have left on this earth. And boy was this or that worth it. I mean it. It truly was worth it!

I shall end now and let you go. I did all my Happy Birthday Folks as I try and keep up with saying my special happy birthday stuff that Michael started in 2009 and we all kept going for him. 5 new birthdays today. 5. So, I am done and perhaps today the rains will stop and I will get to go out.

Oh, but before that, I must mention that I spent an hour adding and trying to reserve books and DVD’s from the library and it was quite hard on my phone. To add a book or movie or reserve it is now a procedure I have to go to the Library to Learn How To Do. Cameron wrote me back because I wondered if I’d done it right and he said none of what I’d done showed up and he went and ordered all the things for me. So I’d like to go up there today and learn how to do it on my phone correctly so I never have to worry about things like that or this again.

That’s it folks! The End!

Posted on January 26, 2017, Thursday Morning 9:29 A.M. 🙂‘s


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