“”Because I could not integrate the other we are going to die!” “By kerasotes””

“Because I could not integrate the other we are going to die!” 

Since I couldn’t integrate the other we are going to die.  It is the way it is.  I am okay with this.  He’s hurt us so bad now we cannot repair the damage nor get the sleep we need nor keep the food in that we need and that’s because he is so mean and stupid.  He wanted to be awful and he became that way.  I don’t like it.  I haven’t since Michael died.  But I’ve had a wonderful time here, me Franklin, doing things to make Michael Famous and Remembered For All Time and I have done this and achieved it by my gifts to Culver Academies or Culver Military Academies in Culver Indiana for they told me so.  So there you go and here is the story about yesterday and my doctor visit from my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook Page Folks:

“i found out from the lung doctor that i now have lung cancer. how awful. i don’t want to go back to doctors anymore. i am tired of finding out that i have new horrible diseases to fight when i fought so hard to win and did for a while. streps and staphs are flora or plants. you new people need to develop anti-virus and antibiotics to kill the new and old diseases, like Fleming made penicillin out of bread mold and now it doesn’t work. do the tetracyllins work? do the sulpha’s? i think penicillin has had it and so have all the other antibiotics. They never really KILL the Thing or Things anymore, they just keep coming back. We need a new Nobel Winner who can discover cures to kill diseases and such. We Do! You new people need to do this. Please go ahead and try.

i am so sad and disappointed about this latest thing that i am crying and trying hard to write on here. i’ve had a wonderful time at life and not sad to see it go. i’m different i guess. i just would rather it was all over now so i wouldn’t be in pain. that’s the hard part. the pain meds and other things don’t work anymore and that is sad. can you people figure out a way to take the pain away from the cancers that is not addictive and will work forever instead of the opiods which fail after a time. i don’t know but we need something that isn’t like aspirin and thins the blood. we need something that you can take that doesn’t addict you to it and you need something in the anxiety and depression areas that would do the same without the addictions and needs and side effects. the side effects are the new diabetes and other things i’ve noticed for Michael taught me and over time I have learned that he was right. He did want to be a doctor when he was young but he changed his mind in college and went into the theatre so he could write his plays and movies and produce and direct them and play them in his theaters. that’s what he wanted. his parents never supported him in this and he gave up. sad. he’s gone now and soon so will i be and i am not sad. i did a lot for michael. that’s what we were told to do after he died. The Mike who came to help us after Michael died told us to do all the things that Michael couldn’t do because of things like us. I got him eternal remembrance at Culver they said. His name and his gifts and my gifts in his name will live on forever in perpetuity. I finally finished the wiki page on wikipedia – “George Kerasotes” to add the gift that Michael arranged between his friend and wiki. His friend was the senior editor of Film Journal International (Mr. Robert Sunshine) and Michael was on the phone to Wiki London’s Elena Salvatore as she was making the page for Michael – she wanted the page in Michael’s name but he chose to honor his father instead and she settled for that. In the mean time he called his friend about the picture of his grandfather and great uncle that is on the Kerasotes Theatres Page here and got permission from Mr. Sunshine to use it on wiki. Mr. Sunshine said he wanted to give all his photographs about the Motion Picture Business to wikipedia but they wouldn’t take them. Michael asked Elena and she was glad to accept the generous gift of Michael’s friend and that’s the final piece I put on wiki or his wiki page ‘George Kerasotes’ about him his dad and his family and that’s how wiki and Facebook got more photographs about the movie business like its stars and producers and films and directors and such. Isn’t that wonderful. Go look if you’d like. I am going to go and print it out at the Library today. I did all this for Michael so he would live on forever. The only thing I can’t do is to put a stone on his grave next to his brother when this body dies and that saddens me. So when I die, could someone please do that just write Michael Patrick Kerasotes loving son born March 9, 1950 and died ____ and that will be soon i think for i cannot last much longer. The body can be turned to ash and thrown in someplace else beautiful like michael wanted for he really didn’t want to be buried next to his parents whom he hated because they didn’t love him and hurt him all his life. sad i know but maybe if you have the money you could put the body in the grave his father bought for him and it is by his little brother in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois next or to the Left of Abraham Lincoln’s Grave. Thanks.

With my kindest regards,


Posted on February 11, 2017”

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