“”The Final Version of My Wiki Page on Wikipedia.” “By kerasotes””

The Final Version of My Wiki Page on Wikipedia.



the new and perhaps final version of my wiki page. this one tells the story of the day in december 2009 when i was on the phone with wiki london and new york to my friend mr. robert sunshine of the Film Journal International who wanted to give his archives to wikipedia and they didn’t want them. i asked miss elena salvatore of wiki london if she would like to have them and that i had mr. sunshine the senior editor of Film Journal International on the other line and i could tie him in with my phone and we could all talk about it because he says you all don’t want them and if i am using this one on my Facebook Kerasotes Theatres page and my wiki page George Kerasotes, then, wouldn’t you really like to have all the motion picture business photographs you don’t have? and she was delighted to accept. So I wrote about it on my wiki page to finish the story of how wiki and facebook got the rest of the motion picture business on their pages. now you know, me

Posted on Feb 11, 2017


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