“”The Brain now dreams of Michael doing things and I told it to stop!” “By kerasotes””

“The Brain now dreams of Michael doing things and I told it to stop!”  

I have noticed these past few days or nights rather that the brain is dreaming of Michael.  He goes places and wants things and I don’t know any of the people because I am new – only been here about 8 years – and these things are events and places that are before my time.  My time started April 20, 2009.  I didn’t begin dreaming until June 2013.  Now the dreams are about Michael and they are confusing to me and I do not understand why I am dreaming as if I were Michael and cannot figure out who the people or places are and I want it to stop.  I told it to correct its corrupt memories in dreaming because that is where the brain works out its problems and it might as well do that since the other won’t do it.  

I am trying to prepare this body and its brain to be run by Phillip the other instead of me for the simple reason that the two of us do not get along and he will not friend me nor this body and I want to leave and can.  Then he can be here all alone like he wanted to be and that will be that.  

I told the brain that I have arranged everything now and that the things that need to be done by other people like section 8 are all in order and they know how to fill out the forms and you just sign them.  Yesterday for example it only took 5 minutes to renew my section 8.  The shortest time ever.  I have a nice new person there who cares about us and knows.  So the other just has to show up every year and renew it and I don’t need to be here to show it how to do this.  

That’s what I have been working on and now I hope the brain which seems to understand what I tell it can work on and work out its problems without me.  It is the way the whole thing can say be happy being unwell and doing all the things nobody wanted for that is all that it seems to like doing stuff nobody wanted.  I am not necessary for that and it should get rid of me like Michael told it to get rid of the others and it chose to keep them and get rid of Michael.  Now it can get rid of me.  I will be happy to be dead and out of here and so will the brain and body and the other.  

Phillip has a plan and that is good enough for me and this body and he can run it like he wanted before I got here.  

The End



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