“”a poem by franklin”” “By kerasotes””

“I am tired, Mike more tired than you”
I am tired, Mike more tired than you
I am more tired than you Michael
I am so tired I want death
The pain is awful
The bleeding worse
Combined torturous
I want to go to be no longer here
I want it over
I feel the end near
I know you don’t understand
but Mike would and so would Michael
and that is enough
You can’t imagine the tedious taunting lunatic of him
Phillip the other screaming in voices so loud
that they whine a dine of screaming metal upon metal
You cannot sleep. I haven’t for weeks.
I’m dead tired. Too tired to sleep and eat.
My body can’t take it anymore – no more abuse
The other is killing me badly and I hurt
I want to go to go away that way like Michael said
There will be no more pain
To go away means to leave in death
That’s what I want I want it to death
Death us do part and we must part so
For the other is impossible
He’s insane
He is hate
I have no hate
I have no love
I know what they mean for Michael taught me
I am at my end
My time is done
My life and what I did was worth it
So let it be write – so let it be done.
a poem by franklin
Posted on saturday february 18, 2017

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