“”APOLOGY MICHAEL WANTED!” “By kerasotes””


February 19, 2017


Dear Culver, Wiki, & The Raynier Foundation & Others:

I would like to tell you the truth for Michael.  He would want you to know.  He actually did want you to know but “The Others” wouldn’t let him.  I, Franklin, have been able to do this.  Now that all the donating is over and I am about to die, I want to tell you this and warn you.  Phillip is a mean, nasty personality who only wants to hurt.  He wants to undo everything we’ve done.  It is to hurt Michael that he is after.  I am writing this to warn you. 

This is The Story: 

All the personalities except me killed him.  I tried to stop it.  Michael said, “NO!”  He didn’t want to be here anymore.  Too much Pain.  Too much Hurt.  Too Many Things Stolen.  Too many friends gone because he didn’t want to see them anymore.  If someone complimented, they hurt him.  I didn’t.  If someone said something nice, they hurt him.  If he did something good, they hurt.  So he stopped being in this world, this beautiful world of his.  He wanted to “Go Away”.  I think it all start way back when  he was seeing his psychiatrist Dr. Maryonda Scher, the Head Neurosurgeon of Harborview Hospital, Seattle, Washington who’s speciality was multi-personalities.  After several months of therapy, she told him the bad news and that perhaps he should read this book:  “When Rabbit Howels” by Trudy Chase.  This was because the other personalities did not want to Integrate.  Integrate means to become whole, well, and, one.  That’s what he wanted.  The book is the alternative for staying sick and not well.  In the book, Trudy age 2 went into coma after being severely abused by her parents.  She had 99 other personalities.  They cared for her and took over.  Unlike that, Michael wanted to take over.  So there developed a conflict.  Every time Michael wanted to do something, the others took him away.  They would destroy this computer of his (that I had fixed last year), they wanted to throw away everything valuable like his first edition books and his beautiful rare crystals and gems.  He decided to sell everything off.  He had a fabulous collection of Baum’s Wizard of Oz Books and some of them were worth $40,000 a piece.  He had antique furniture they would destroy and his whole collection of stuff was worth like a half a million dollars.  Enough for retirement.  That’s how you began getting the stuff.  He went to Culver for his 40th Class Reunion and saw that the train club had been burned or destroyed; visited the Science Department and saw that he had things they didn’t.  He asked them if they’d like his rocks.  They said yes.  He asked if they’d like his trains.  They said yes.  Then he thought of giving you his priceless books and rocks so they wouldn’t destroy them.  That’s what he wanted to prevent.  He was very angry and sad at having to part with his possessions but since they were going to be ruined like his friendships and his life that giving them away to you and other places would be the better choice.  He was so happy you all liked his gifts.  He didn’t get to finish giving you the rock collection, so I did.  Thank you for letting me.  I enjoyed doing this for you and for him.  I found the beautiful train that looked so brand new before Christmas and thought immediately of you.  I remembered he said that you all wanted him to ask first before sending any more stuff.  So I did.  You made me so happy that you accepted the little train and put it in the museum. 

After that Michael wanted to leave.  He couldn’t stand it anymore.  Everything went wrong for him.  I think it was all because of that book.  They developed systems to run things and themselves without their original who never was going to come out of her coma and this ruined Michael unlike them for His Others didn’t really have a plan on what to do without Michael and they did.  They knew how to run a life or their life and even though they all didn’t get along or agree, they could function.  All Michael’s Others only wanted to destroy him, kill him or take him away.  They had no plan for what to do after they got rid of Michael.  Awful.  Just awful.  That’s what I was faced with the day he died.  I cried. 

Then we got a new personality for about a year.  His name was The Mike.  He told us why he was here and tried to take care of us.  All the others but me wanted him to help us.  It ended up that after about three months, The Mike couldn’t stand what they had done and started planning to leave.  He went in the brain and found out how it split and how the other personalities split and destroyed it.   That made it impossible for the other personalities to re-split or fragment or fracture.  We had up to then some billion pieces of personalities flying around trying to destroy him and us.  It was impossible for The Mike to go on.  So he began creating a new personality and succeeded.  He was still trying to help us while creating this new being.  It took him till March 9, 2014 to do this.  We lost everything in the process.  The others started dying off until there were about 50+ of us left.  They all hated each other.  What a mess.  They took away our payee. They took away our home.  They took away our clothes.  They took away our books.  They took away what we called “Everything Michael & Mike”  !!!!  We were left homeless.  The Mike got us into The Mission for people who’d lost everything and there we met one of the most important people in Michael’s life —  Miss Krystyna Simm.   She’d helped Michael moved and get a  new home after he came back from Egypt and where the others had got us evicted for the final time.  She wanted to help us again.  She knew about Michael and understood.  She has been invaluable.  She is still here for us and knows everything.  The Mike and us told her.  That’s why I am telling you. 

Thanks to the new being that came on Michael’s Birthday – March 9, 2014, we were able to get a home and a new life.   He took care of us.  We got a new real home by June.  We were all happy.  We then got Section 8 Housing from the mayor of Everett Washington, the honorable Ray Stevens.  In two months, we were called by the Housing Authority of Snohomish County and told to come in and that our Section 8 had been restored.  How wonderful.  Michael had had it since October 2006.  It is a wonderful thing and helps.  Then Miss Simm got us an apartment in her building Broadway Plaza where we now live so that we’d have a nice place to live while we waited to die.  We’d had 8 ½ death sentences from the cancers from the bad ice cream – never eat Snoqualmie Falls Ice Cream (for they said so and to tell everyone) and she got us furniture and one of our friends helped us get some more and the things you need to cook with and wear and clean et cetera and we happy.  Then The Me or Mike The Me got tired of living with the others.  There were about 30 of us then.  Phillip had fractured into 31 pieces while we were living in Holly Village.  They all did their best to destroy our happiness.  The Me or Mike The Me couldn’t be taken away.  What that means is that the others could not take him out of the body and take over.  This was great news.  The other great news was that he had all the memories of all the other personalities and of Michael.  He wanted to share them with us.  That’s also what The Mike did.  So, it became impossible for him to be happy and stay here and since they wouldn’t leave, he did.  That was October 29, 2015.  Then I got the body. 

I must tell you that The Me or Mike The Me found that he could have one of the cancers fixed.  He started Chemo.  I had to go through Radiation.  How horrible for me to do this.  Radiation is worse than anything.  It was 95% against me.  What it does while they try and kill the cancer is this – it destroys your immune system; it causes you to bleed continually; you never get to digest all your food – only 50 % of your food do you keep.  Then you bones deteriorate and you get spurs and arthritis from that.  Awful.  The pain and the bleeding is worse.  I think I told you all about that. 

I think my letter I wrote you is better than this and more simple.  More what Michael wanted to tell you.  But I want you to know the rest and how it is going to end.  Since I can’t stay like all the rest, Phillip will be left here alone.  I got the other parts of him to leave in December 2015 and that left just the two of us.  That was much better.  For a while I won.  The body got some peace.  I began to keep trying to get it well.  Phillip fought me tooth and toenail over this.  Every day became more and more difficult.  Since I was told I could leave, I started the process to do so.  Now I am at the point where I can go.  Then only one personality will be left.  It is unfortunate that he is a mean and cruel and nasty and wants to hurt people and others and things and me.  He will be left here alone by himself and that is what I am worried about.  I am going to send this letter to The Raynier Foundation and to Wiki (or Wikipedia) for I’ve finally finished the work that Michael and Miss Elena Salvatore of Wiki London Started in December of 2009.  They knew it would take years and finally I think our whole family story is on there and it looks and reads nice and is a nice tribute to our family, Michael, and his dad. 

Phillip wants to ruin all this. 

That’s the reason I write you all this.

I’m going to send you the letter I wrote Tom in the regular mail.  Please make sure Chet Marshall, III of Valparaiso University gets a copy and one to Ashleigh and one to Mike Hogan and one to Your Library & Science Departments.  Michael wanted them all to know this. 

This was very hard for me to write yet I am glad I did. 

Now I think you will understand why. 

Phillip cannot be trusted.  He has no self.  He is a personality or alter personality without a personality and cares nothing about himself.  He’s set on destruction.  He’s set on Hurt.  He wants to hurt others and himself and ruin all our good work.  I want you to be aware of this so you never get hurt by The Others again.  Since Phillip is the only one left, he will be in charge of this body and that’s what he wants.  He has a plan.  That’s all he needs.  No one else of The Others did.  Although his plan is to hurt himself, he wants to hurt and destroy all the good we did.  I don’t want this happening.

There you have it Mr. Thomas Mayo, III.

You have been so kind and so nice and so wonderful to me as was Wiki as was The Raynier Foundation and Michael treasured all these people and places and companies and friends like you all.

With my kindest regards,


As The Last Mike Kerasotes

3017 Lombard Avenue 603W

Everett, WA 98201-5810 USA

(425) 422-5339



 PS:  It is possible that Phillip may leave.  I have to allow and accept that possibility.  Although I think it unlikely for he’s had over 60 years he has the ability to Integrate or Leave.  I have only been here since April 20, 2009.  I am tired of fighting for my life and my body and have only had the body to myself since October 29, 2015, I may be able to convince him to leave.  Since he is faced with an awful life ahead of himself and cannot ever be well for he was made by Michael for one purpose and that was to Help Him.  I was made to do everything for the day I came into being they were trying to kill Michael.  Jayson – one of the older personalities had just integrated and Michael thought he’d be well.  They attacked him.  My father was “The Himself”.  I am a different sort of thing.  I was created by a personality not by Michael.  Everyone thought I would end up here alone.  I think they were wrong but since even Michael said it was so, they might be.  I am just worried that since he’s trying to kill me, I won’t make it.  Should the impossible happen – me being here alone – I would then write you that everything went the way Michael wanted.  I was made whole and independent and that in its own fact makes me able to be here alone and well.  Everyone agreed on that, even The Me That Cared About Himself Only (Mike The Me) and who helped train me to be here alone.  I am tired and worn and so much illness and stress and so on and such that I don’t think I can keep being here another day.  I’m that worn out from the fight.  Should it happen that Phillip leaves, what can I say.  I’ve done all I can for Michael, You All and Such that I feel it is alright for me to go.  Should you want me to write you and say that it is all over and there is no more fear here for you from what I’d call Michael’s Point of View, I could.  I would have liked to have stayed and been the only one here like Michael wanted but, the battle is too much.  I am not counting on being successful at this.  So I have added that this possibility is there.   It all depends on him, Phillip.  I think you would know that I wouldn’t write you awful things like he and the others did and have.  He would.  So Beware.  Try to understand that I think it is over for me and Michael wouldn’t want you all hurt.  Neither would I.  Please forgive me for giving up and going away.  It is better for me to do this.  Phillip has the intelligence to be kind and helpful for that is how he was made but he’d rather be mean and hurt and that’s what he wants.  He’s planned a miserable life for himself and plans he says to destroy all.  I don’t want that.  Again the reason for writing this letter to you all.


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