“”The 5 Plans!” “By kerasotes””

“The 5 Plans!”  

The 5 plans are these:  

1, Phillip Here Alone;  

2, Franklin Here Alone;  

3, Phillip & Franklin Here As Friends;

4,  Phillip & Franklin Together But Enemies; &,

5  We Both Die!

I put this here alone for Phillip.  This is Franklin.  I am leaving or dying.  I know I am.  I have outlived my usefulness and there is no purpose for me to be here anymore.  So I am trying to make it work for Phillip since there is no other alternative.  He is a fighter.  He wants his way.  He gets his way.  He’s been at it for over 60 years and at least he wanted to be here alone.  Even though I was made to be here alone and such, I can not stay.  The constant wear and tear on me is killing me.  It is always a battle.  It is always a fight.  I have prepared myself for my end just like the 4 of us did.  First it was The Original (Michael), then it was The Mike, then it was The Me, then it was Franklin.  Phillip won’t let me do the things I wanted and planned on doing and I’ve finished doing what Michael Wanted and I did it the way The Mike said to do – We are here to do the things Michael couldn’t because of people like us.  In this case, ‘people like us’ are alternate personalities.  

I think this is the way to do it.  Try and help him to be here alone.  Try and help him plan a different alternative than just being miserable and doing all the things wrong.  Instead of just hurting himself, he has been taught by me to do things that make him happy.  Happy Not Hurt would be his new plan.  He needs to do this for the simple reason that he may live a long time and why be miserable when you can have a good time and do fun things.  He only wanted to do bad things and hurt.  I have tried to change this for him.  It has been hard for me to do this.  He has fought me over it every day.  Since April 20, 2009 at 10:32 a.m., I have been at him to change.  It wasn’t my job.  My job was to report to my maker The Himself who was made by Michael so that my daddy (The Himself) could know what Phillip the other was up to.  Everyone wanted to know what he Phillip was thinking.  They were afraid of him.  Since there is no one left but us, I decided to change.  I tried to get him well.  It is working.  He has a hard time with me and this and it is because he’s planned differently.  He’s planned for the worst.  I told him that since I’m leaving like all the other people who couldn’t be here, he can.  He can be here alone.  That is okay with me.  What he needs is this:  something to do and enjoy and like and that will give him pleasure and make him happy.  Then he will have a better life and not be miserable (I hope) and hurt.  He can do this.  He can change.  

Although there are 7 cancers now and 100 other diseases, my cancer doctor told me that I could live with them.  He didn’t say how long, but he did say I could live.  Now I am giving that to Phillip so that he can live.  I worked and am working hard on this.  I have been for 7 plus years.  Now I am at the end of my time.  He must continue to do the things that Michael couldn’t because of us (all 56 of us – the other alternate or alternative personalities) and what he wants and likes to do.  It will be hard for him.  I saw this a long time ago.  But since he is a fighter and intelligent, he has a chance to do good and do right and to be happy here.  He will have to work at it.  I’ve instructed him on what to do with the doctoring and curing and keeping up with his medications and appointments and doctor visits and all the fun things to do which he forgot to put into his plan.  His plan was to rock and twitch and chew his cud like a cow (which means chew and grind his teeth or dentures now to death) and voice.  His voices are failing him.  I think The Me told us 3 Januaries ago to stop using our voices so that when we were here alone in this body, we wouldn’t have them.  No Voices.  That was what happened to me when I got here.  I no longer had voices to hear of my own.  If Phillip would have gotten rid of his voices, he would not have them.  Voices are a terrible thing.  They hurt you and make you crazy.  They take what you hear in this world away and you can’t understand what people say or what’s on the radio or TV.  He hasn’t done this.  He’s fought to keep them.  He’s had too many falls in his lifetime here and this past year he’s had over 40.  40 falls to the head have damaged the brain and him.  They have also damaged this body.  They have also damaged me.  If he can succeed in ridding himself of the habit of making voices then he will have a chance at not hearing them when I am gone and he is in this body alone.  That’s what I have been working at.  I started working with him the first day I got here.  I started working on his corrupt way of thinking and his corrupt emotional triggers.  I tried to get him to correct these things.  He fought me over it but now realizes this is the way.  He must continue to rid himself of the voices he makes all day long that prevent him from sleeping and talking and doing things.  When you make voices and do all the things wrong, you are sending the brain too many signals and it falters and fails and dies.  This is what is happening now.  It is happening to him.  He doesn’t like it.  He likes his voices.  This is a wrong thing.  I am trying my utmost best to get him to dislike making voices.  Although I am being fought constantly on this, he understands now what I mean by this.  

So here it is for you Phillip so that you can come back here and look and see what you need to do.  Then you can redevelop yourself.  You can restart having a life.  You can restart your likes and dislikes.  You can restart your self to be happy.  You can stop being mean.  You can stop being hurtful.  You can stop hating.  You can stop fighting.  You can stop your awful habits and correct them so you can do happy things instead of hurtful hateful awful ones.  No more chewing your cud for it hurts your mouth and hurts your body and you.  No more rocking for at about 67 years old it tears your muscles and tendons and veins and arteries and nerves and skins and tissues apart.  No more twitching for the same reasons.  There is no amount of pain medication or a pill or pills to take the pain of this away.  At the end of your day, you are sore.  You are in pain.  It hurts to lay down to go to sleep.  You have seen this and know I am right.  

The Thing Is this – You Have To Do This Before I Leave because once you are here alone you would still have these awful habits and things you’ve done for 60 plus years and they will be hard for you to get rid of and stop.  If you do it now, you won’t have these things.  You won’t have them like I don’t have them.  That’s what you must do Phillip.

OK.  Now you have it in writing and a place to look back upon if you forget.  Now you have it told to you out loud for I have read this to you out loud as I typed it here for you.  Now you have it in your memories.  Keep it.  Try to alter your plan or doing everything you can wrong to doing things right and doing things that make you ‘feel better’ and that should help you not hurt.  That’s what you want.  

Then you can figure out things to do.  You can.  It is up to you now, kid.  It is up to you.


Posted on 23 February 2017, a Thursday Morning, by Franklin for Phillip so he can be a better person and not a mean awful hurtful hateful horrible alter personality and be a real human being with all the right things he needs to be happy and healthy and one here all alone.  


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