“”When I leave …” “By kerasotes””

“When I leave …”

I leave … Another Possiblity is that I will Integrate into Phillip.  I want this known because when the other parts of Phillip ‘left’ they ‘integrated’ into me.  I don’t know if this is possible.  I just don’t.

When he is here in this body after I am gone there is the possibility that he will not have use of his voices.  That happened to me.  I think it happened to me because ‘The Me’ told us to stop using ours and I did.  I had actually stopped using them the day that he came.  Others stopped using them after he moved into his first ‘real home’ – the one on Hewitt.

This is a possibility that has been occurring to me since he demanded that I stay.  I cannot stay and be punished for being me.  I cannot.  I cannot be tortured and persecuted any longer because I am here in the body and he didn’t get it.  He wanted it so bad at one time. Then he didn’t.  It is possible that this may happen.

This might change him from being the way he is (and has been) for there will be no one else to pester or irritate or take things away from.

That’s a hope I am giving him today.

I told him I would try to help him and this is another ‘help’.


{posted on Saturday the Last Saturday of February 2017}


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