“”In Order To Make This Body One…” “By kerasotes””

“In Order To Make This Body One…”  

In Order To Make This Body One, I have to leave.  Leave is integrate.  I have to integrate.  That means I go away to give this body a chance to be one.  That is the only way now.  This body has to be one.  Then if there are cures there will not be the switching of personalities that has happened all its life.  Switching is when one personality takes the body over from another personality.  It may be to stop the other personality from doing things.  It may be that the other personality wants to do it.  But what ever it is, it has to stop.  My leaving will assure this.  

This is most important – that there be only one personality in here.  Only one.  Then he can get well.  

Phillip will have to do lots of work for about a year to do this.  And he can do it.  I feel and think that this is possible.  I know other people thought the opposite.  I do not.  Over the last few years 2015, 2016 & 2017, I have noticed that he cares.  I have noticed that he tries.  I have noticed that he comprehends.  I have noticed that is is able to do the right things to go to sleep.  He has let me sleep.  He has let me do the things to keep us comfortable.  He has learned.  He must continue this alone.  I have been preparing him for this unlike all the rest for over seven years now.  I started doing this, working with him, on my first day way back in April 2009 on the day I came.  

I worked with him so we could have peace.  I have done this for him.  It has been a fight.  Once there is no one else here, he won’t have anyone to fight.  That will eliminate a lot of things or processes that have prevented this body from being one.  That is the goal and the want and the need.  I has to be one to be well.

I know that Phillip has been cast as the ‘bad boy’ and he has been terrible.  He has been trying to change.  Thanks to me and a few of The Others, he can be a ‘good boy’ or ‘good person’ and he has to start thinking of himself as an adult and an old man.  He likes to pretend he is a child.  That has caused him harm.  I think that his thinking of being a child makes him safe.  It does not.  

The other thing is that he has to start using I and me & my and all in the first person tense to eradicate his you-ing.  He you’d this and that.  Example:  You do this.  You do that.  You are _____.  He needs to use I and me.  I am this.  I am that.  I want this.  I need that.  My goal is.  That’s what Michael started doing and then us and then finally The Me.  I have continued this.  He needs to continue this.  He uses all the wrong tenses for himself to keep himself out of responsibility and out of owning the fact that he has done or wants to do things.  This is wrong.  It takes his self away from himself and left him without one.  

He need to build his personality back.  He was a personality without a personality because of this.  He lost his I, his me, his self.  I have helped him understand this and helped him start getting it back.  He must now continue doing this step until it is commonplace.  A place where it automatically occurs.  This will keep him one.  And one with a self that will be an I or a me or a my.  That way he will acquire the responsibility and the owning the things he does and have ‘accomplishment’ with it.  He hasn’t had positive accomplishment for a long time.  I have showed him this.  I have showed him how good it feels to accomplish things.  I did this by donating things to Culver and helping others and doing the things Michael did and this has made a difference in showing him what the word means and the words mean.  

Now he can go on being here and being a better person.  He can do good things.  He can care about himself.  He can care about others.  He can stop being the ‘bad boy’ and start being ‘the good one’  and he has to be a man about it and go from there.  

He has played child for too long.  Children get into trouble.  He has gotten into trouble for too long.  It has been his escape.  This has hurt him.  He knows this now.  I have done what no one else has been able to do with him.  Turned him around and straightened him out.  He has to finish this process alone – all by himself – all for himself – alone.  

That way he will get well and have a chance.  He needs his chance to heal and try.  He does.  No one else let him try this and although people attempted this, they never let him finish it.  I have been able to instruct and help him start this process and now that he is almost there, he can be there and complete his healing.  

Once he is here alone, he will see this.  He will realize it too.  He will understand that being here alone is a good thing and there will be no more conflict which has driven him crazy with envy and jealousy and childish things that he has used to hurt himself, this body, and others.  That problem or those problems will no longer be there when he is here alone.  

Of course this is work (for him) !  He has been lazy about it.  He has played child and not been adult.  Now he will have to be adult and old and have no where to run and hide instead of attacking the problems he comes across and solving them in a kind, peaceful, intelligent and good way.  

Does that help you all understand why I must go?  I hope so.  I have to go so my little friend can get well and be happy and complete the process of this body being one.

I wish this letter had gone to Culver and the other places that got awful things from him and the other awful personalities and not me and not Michael and not The Mike and not The Me.  But I am tired of writing to places that need this apology and set of instructions and the ways this personality has been helped and the ways I have made him understand this and the ways that he has helped me help him and started him on the path of being a ‘good personality’ instead of staying a bad hurtful one.

This has been hard to write.  I have had to fight to get the words typed out and the structure and meaning understandable to you all, him, and me.  This has been for him and for you and not for me this time.  Really it is for you.  He benefits by my writing to you that he is learning to heal and to be good and understands responsibility and kindness and owning what you do and accomplishment now and he has to continue on alone to make it work.  He has to work hard.  He must do this for a year to be stable and complete.  Then he will be well.  This is what Doctor Scher wanted.  This body well and one.  That’s what I want and I will leave so it can be done.  He will do the work for he has to.  He has to do this to be happy and well and one.  Then he can have his chance at life.  

Of course there are all the diseases to fight and I’ve showed him the way to do this.  His doctors all know about him being here so this should be an easy transition this time.  He will be here alone.  The medicines and treatments and things will not be interfered with by more than one person being here in this body.  This is the most important thing I have learned.  Only one person being here will make it easier to treat the diseases and give this body a chance to get well.  

I know we have been sentenced to death (and so does he) but my cancer doctor thinks I have a chance and I’m giving that chance to Phillip.  Me, Franklin, or I am doing this.  I am doing this because it has to be done.  It is the only way to get this body well.  There are medicines to help it.  There are cures somewhere out there and although we have had 8 and a 1/2 death sentences before radiation and the other bad news about the lung cancer and the 3 and the 7 and the 77 other listerias or listeriosis to cure plus anything new that may have come in this body because radiation leaves you with a weakened immune system and you bleed forever because of it my cancer doctor says, and so, I am giving my chance at life and wellness to Phillip because he needs a chance.  He never got a chance before and I’ve been telling him about this for all my time.  Now he can continue healing and have the body alone like he wanted and can complete the things necessary to get it well.  This is possible.  I don’t know how long it will take or how long he can live but then nobody really does at this point.  Once he is here alone he will have a better chance at living a longer time and being healthy and happy and one.

That’s what this has all been about.  All this writing and stuff has been about the process of getting well and one.  Now you might see this and understand and give the personality named Phillip his chance.  

I got one.  I enjoyed my time.  I did.  

I am giving my chance to him so he can have one.  

One needs a chance.  It is hard when you don’t have a chance.  Now he has my chance. He knows how to be nice.  He knows how to be kind.  He has intelligence.  He knows what all this is.  I want him to be happy like he never was.  That’s all.  And of course I want this body to have its chance to get well.  He can continue my work.  He can.  He needs to work on being happy now.  That has been hard work for me.  To make a personality understand that life is about being happy and enjoying the time you have is the one thing he has deprived himself of.  Now he can work on healing that and this body all by himself and I know he can do it.  I do.  I know.  I have seen him try and accomplish this.  I have seen him cry over it.  I have seen his hurt.  Now he can heal his hurt by working on being happy instead of being mean.  

Now you understand and he why it has taken so long for this process to complete itself and why it has been so hard and so difficult.  With my leaving, it should make things so much easier for him – a place where he’s never been before – a place where he has ignored and denied himself.  Happiness.  That’s what he’s denied us all and I’ve been able to show him that he needs to have this as a goal and a part of himself and by giving him this chance to be here alone and have some happiness and sense of accomplishment, he can continue healing and get well and enjoy the time he has here like we all have tried to do.  He will be a principal player now like Michael was.  Like The Mike was.  Like The Me was.  And like I was.  I am leaving to give him this chance at a better life – a life where he can be happy and enjoy the time he has.  He can do this.  He can. 

So I close now on this note of hope and good and quit.

The End

[posted on The Last Sunday of February 2017 by Franklin]



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