“”Today is Phillip’s Day to Help Himself Alone!” “By kerasotes””

“Today is Phillip’s Day to Help Himself Alone!”  

This is the day I give Phillip his chance to Help Himself Alone.  He is alone to do the work he’s never done and complete it before I go.  He’s to rid himself of ‘The Voices’ so he is tormented by them anymore.  He’s to rid himself of his twitching so he doesn’t do that and hurt his body anymore.  He’s to rid himself of his ‘chewing his cud’ which is ‘grinding his jaw to death’ so he doesn’t get headaches from all the pain it causes in his head and jaw and mouth.  He’s to rid himself of his rocking so he doesn’t pull muscles and tendons and arteries and veins and nerves.  He’s to start being happy.  He’s to start enjoy life.  The time is his now to start these things so he can have the chance he took from me and have a better life.  

This is what I spent my life for – to help him complete this process so that he can be the only one here which will relieve the body from all the switching of 56 personalities and the Original (Michael).  I worked at this since April 20th, 2009 until yesterday.  I told him that today he was on his own to do these things to help himself so that when he got here like I did, he wouldn’t have ‘The Voices’ bothering him.  He’s been so tormenting and a persecutor and a hurter and a hater and a mean nasty thing.  Now he has to be the man who grew up and became a good personality.  He will be the last personality and the only one to be in this position.  This is what I gave to him because he took it away from me.  He took it away from Michael.  He took it away from all of us. He took it away from The Mike.  He took it away from The Me.  He took it away from Himself.  Now he can give it to Himself and be free of all that horror.  
That should help him on his path to get well and get this body well and live a life worth living and feel good that he has accomplished something and be responsible and own the facts that he did all the right things this time and from now on.  He will have given up being bad.  That’s what I want from him.  

He planned a life so miserable that I thought someone had to help him.  No one else wanted to.  Michael did for a bit.  He had to give it up as well as his life to get free from all the persecution.  So did The Mike.  So did The Others.  So did The Me.  So did The Rest of Phillip (those parts that fractured in Holly Village and left him just a piece or part of his old original self who was a Helper in the Beginning and Who Turned Evil and Bad Sometime After That).  So did I.   I had to give up to be free of the pain and torment and torture and horror and hell he staked out for me day after miserable day.  I have completed my teaching and training and helping Him.  It is over now.

There is one little thing that might happen today and that is that he leaves.  He may leave on his own.  I may make him leave.  I might kill him like my doctor told me to last April 2016.  Then I will be here alone as was planned for me by all The Others and Michael.  They all promised me that I would be here alone to try and get this body well and that I did.  Phillip undid this.  He did it on purpose.  Now it is in worse shape than when I started.  It will be his task, his goal, his need to get it well that will drive him forward to proceed to be well.  It will drive him to force himself to stop being mean.  It will drive him onward to help himself be a good human being.  I was the only one to stand up for him.  Me and me alone.  I did that for Michael because he took Michael’s Ideas and said Michael should do them and He Was Right About That.  I’m glad I did that my first day and continued till yesterday.  I stood up for him and gave him a chance.  Although he took mine away.  I gave Him The Chance I Lost.  I Hope He Makes It.  But Really, I hope that I do and I get what was promised me and then it will be over Michael the way you wanted it to be.  

So today is Phillip’s Chance To Help Himself.

Kindest regards,


[posted on the last Monday of February 2017 for all from me. f.]


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