“”I am still here, me franklin!” “By kerasotes””

“I am still here, me franklin!”  

I (Franklin, I am the 54th personality and came on April 20th, 2009.  All the other personalities came in the 1950’s.  “The Old Ones” or “The Ancient Ones” are 3.  There is “The He” the first personality to come into Michael’s Life came in 1950.  “The I” was the 2nd personality and got here in 1951.  “The Himself” was the 3rd personality and he got here in 1951.  “The Himself” is the personality who made me.  He made me in 2009 because everyone was trying to kill Michael and he needed help to save him.  The other personalities got here after that or starting in 1952 and on and on and on.  I should note here that “Other Personalities” got here after Michael moved to Seattle and was after 1980 and more like after 1985 when Michael lived at The Windham and moved up to the top floor or 7th floor.  “The Old Ones” or “The Others” from Jayson 1952 and on is what I called them.  Just so you know).  “They” got here from all the other personality abusing Michael and each other.  ) did not get to go on February 28, 2017 at 00 hours 00 minutes or Midnight. I was talked into staying.  So I used my time to tell Phillip what he needs to do to be here like I got here.  I was a personality made by a personality and had voices.  I was told to rid myself of voices for the simple fact that they hurt the brain.  I stopped.  Of course, I had already stopped.  I stopped the day “The Me” (the 56th personality and the last new one) got here {March 9, 2014} after he had his talk with us and wanted to know who ‘Mother’ was.  I answered that it was I.  He wanted to know why I said that.  I said that Michael told me I made a better ‘Marjorie’ [she was Michael’s Mother] than his mother Marjorie did.  I said that Michael had told me that I could have the body since he didn’t want it anymore.  I also went on to say that “The Mike” (the second new personality, the 55th personality, who came on April 6, 2013) didn’t want the body because he was done with it and leaving on ‘The Birthday’!  Leave he did on that day.  That day was March 9, 2014.  The Me said, “Then you’re ‘Mother’ and you will stay with me until we complete my plan for 150 years.  The personality he picked was “The I”.  From then on we called “The I” Mother.  (It must also be noted that all the personalities were Male!)  Mother stayed until through the last full week of May 2014.  Then “Mother” left.  Then it was just “The Me”, “Franklin”, and, “Phillip” and what was left from “Phillip” SHATTERING in Holly Village.  These last two [not ‘The Me’ and not I, “Franklin”] are called “The You”.  “Phillip”  was called “thee you” by the rest of him which we all called the left over parts of “The Others”  and that included “Phillip” – they were the left overs.  I am still here.  I am still leaving.  I am leaving before ‘The Birthday (March 9, 2017) because this body can only handle have one personality in it.  So I have to leave.  

“Phillip” should have left.  He didn’t.  He won’t.  He’s that stupid.  He’s that mean.  I found out that he could be intelligent, nice and kind and had a plan.  Even if it was a lousy plan, it was a plan and that meant I could leave.  Even though the better choice is for me to be here, I cannot stay with him.  He makes voices constantly.  He never keeps his word.  He is mean.  He is never considerate of himself or others.  He can change.  I have worked with him for 7 years on this.  I worked with him every day once I got here so that we could have some quiet and so peace.  So “Phillip” won’t go.  That ruins my chance at life and getting this body well.  So I have to leave.  

I leave, the body has a chance.  Only one personality in it and no more switching.  That is the only way anybody can succeed here.  Really the last and most desperate choice and fact left unwritten about.  You have to have shots and medicines and treatments and if there are more than one personality in here, they or he comes in and ruins the medications, medicines, vaccines, treatments and all the other work done.  So if there is only one here, it has a chance.  

I have worked with “Phillip” to explain that once I got here I had no voices nor the ability to make them.  What a relief.  No more pain inflicted upon the brain by me.  The body got peace and quiet.  Then “Phillip” Rebelled.  He then began his torment and persecution this body just like he did with Michael.  It was easy at first.  I told him that if he didn’t stop, he could plan on being here alone for “The Me” told me I could leave and that would be that.  He’d be stuck here making voices, twitching, rocking and chewing his cud (or grinding his jaw to death).  So what.  At least there would be only one person in here to listen to his madness and his voices and his lunacy.  

 I then found out he had lied and could be good.  He started as a good personality and then went bad.  I think that was when Michael was in “First Grade” at “Hazel Dell School” Lake Springfield, Illinois in 1956.  It had to be after Michael turned 6 which was in March and it was something there that made Michael need another personality to fix whatever was wrong to right.  It did work.  Somewhere later during this school year of Michael in First Grade is when and where at that school that “Phillip” Went Bad!

I gave “Phillip”this explanation that you have to do the work to get here so that when and once you’d done the work, you will no longer have the ‘horror of the voices’ and he will have a chance.  A chance to do good.  A chance to be good.  A chance not to make voices.  A chance not to be crazy from having listened to all the horror his voices make and voiced day after day, hour after hour, month after month, year after year and so on and so on and so on.  If he doesn’t do the work before I leave it will be awful for him here for he will have voices and this body will have voices and he won’t be able to control them or do a thing about it like Michael and it will drive him mad.  

Somewhere he believes me.  Somewhere he doesn’t.  Once I am gone, I won’t care.  I write this like I wrote the Letters of Apology and Warned Every Where and Every One that these idiots wrote and did when they took Michael Away and took “The Mike” Away and tried to do to “The Me” and couldn’t and tried to do to me ,  “Franklin” and could and I put a stop to it and made it so they couldn’t.  So since “”Monday was “Phillip’s” Day to Help Himself All By Himself Alone”” and he did not do that.  He fought me over it.  I went out and have a lovely marvelous time in spite of it for I can take him away or remove him from here and me and went out and enjoyed the last day of my life.  I was pulled back in to the ‘trap’ of ‘helping the poor thing re-learn how to be good because I need you and can’t do it alone’ and this is a blatant lie.  He can do things alone.  So again today I reminded him that he had to stop way before I left making voices and being bad or he’d end up like all the others after ‘all the good ones’ left and he’d hear madness and horror and hell from his 24 hour a day procedure of doing himself and Michael Who’s Dead In.  Awful.  Now he has to think about that and work work work on shutting up his voices or thinking about being committed to a loony bin because he didn’t do what he was told to do so he could enjoy his time here, accomplish things and feel good about it.

Just thought you’d like to know that’s what I did again today and reminded ‘the other’ what he needed to do to be able to do what we all are supposed to do here – enjoy every minute we’ve got!

With my kindest regards,


[Posted for you all and not him by me on The 1st Day of March, 2017, Wednesday Eve] 


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