“”Betsy said I could leave… .” “By kerasotes”

“Betsy said I could leave… .”  

Franklin gets to leave in 3 or 4 days.  I am glad.  I tried to help Phillip and it was a ‘no good’ case.  Unlike Miss Marple who solved every crime and made it all better, I couldn’t.  Phillip and his ways ruined all that.  In the end, I couldn’t keep up with the torture dished out by him.  Issues.  He is a collection of issues.  He is a collection of memories.  He is a collection of all the wrong things to do.  When it came down yesterday to tell if his hearing was ruined, he wouldn’t take the time to stop his voices and listen to see if he heard the noises without making his voices.  That’s where I knew I was through he says, I knew before this.  I knew last December 2015.  I began to leave then.  No one can last through this much abuse – no one.  That’s all he is.  He is Abuse.  A pity for him to live here alone with all of his issues and his voices and his abuse and try to enjoy a life we all could and did – all except for him.  He thwarted us all and won.  We were happy for a time.  I still can be happy.  I am just done.  I worked with him every day of my life so we all could have peace and when it came down to just the two of us here, I got more peace for this body than it had had in years.  I am proud of that.  I did good.  I got it here peaceful.  That’s a good thing.  I got it well and was told I could live (December 28, 2015) and from that day on, he ruined it all.  He ruined it for me and him, for us but not for me.  I have done enough great things.  I have done enough good things.  I tried to do what he wanted me to do and that was to teach and show him how to be good and take care of myself and my things and my home and him.  He failed all the tests.  He failed every single one on purpose.  So Betsy said I could leave March 3, and leave I intend to do.  She said I’d done a good job teaching and setting limits for Phillip and I did.  She’s our social worker.  I got to talk to her the first day she was here and that was quite a while ago.  I am glad she knows the difference between the two of us.  There is Miss S who knows.  There is Miss J who knows.  There are or there is Pat Clarke who knows.  The doctors know I think.  Maybe Dr. Borish doesn’t but he will for I won’t be here next time and he’ll see.  Carol knew.  My other doctors and nurses know.  I made sure.  Aren’t I good?  I didn’t do it for that.  I did it to make sure they knew and then they could help.  That isn’t quite it either.  I just wanted them to know me from him.   I got that done.      

So Betsy said I could leave and I am hoping to be gone tomorrow – Sunday.  I hope you all can tell the difference.  I do.  

Kindest regards, me, Franklin.  

Posted on March 4, 2017 Saturday Eve.  


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