“”Decisions.” “By kerasotes””


The time has come for decisions to be made by us.  We can only go on as one.  We must end our we-ing and be an I.  Thursday this body will become 67 years old.  It is having a hard time.  Age has gotten the better of us and we are still not one.  3o some odd years ago, the quest began to be one.  You all fought this.  We still are.  Michael lost out.  The Mike lost out.  The Me lost out.  And I’ve lost out.  I can’t go on as a we anymore.  It has to be decided now to be one.  One.  This is The Decision that needs to be done.  It needs to be solved.  

The sharp headaches of The Voices & The Switching and the multipersonality thing have become so painful the brain gives out.  You get the warning of pain.  It is much more intense now.  We are dying.  We are dying from too many signals to the brain.  Too many sets of signals to a brain that wants to be just a one thing.  It was set up this way.  It is best to be just one.  Being more than one has caused us problems.  We cannot tie up the brain with too many signals.  One person alone has a chance.  This is the chance I have mentioned before.  My chance at life came on December 28, 2015 when my cancer doctor told me he could save my little life.  This was taken away from me.  So over the year I decided to leave.  I decided to give my chance to The Other.  I found that he can do things that everyone said he could not.  One was running this body.  He has been caught doing this.  I noticed and noticed other things too.  I noticed that when he wants something, he will get it.  It doesn’t matter what I want, I lose out.  He gets my body and does something.  It is his decisions that take priority over mine.  I may be the better decision to be the survivor but I cannot take the torture from a personality that has gone back to being a persecutor personality and punish me for things I could not have done.  After all, I came in 2009 and he came in the 1950’s.  He’s been doing things he’s wanted for 60 plus years.  I have only been doing things I wanted for about about 8 years now.  Really I only have had the body since The Me left in The End of October 2015.  I have really only had this body for about a year and almost a half.  He has been at me since I found I could have my chance and live.  I gave up on my chance.  I decided it would be better for me to leave.  I gave my chance to The Other.  That way he had the chance to live as one.  He won’t leave.  He needed to for me to get and stay well and one.  The decision I made was to help this body have its chance at being one.  

The trouble is in making my decision come true or work.  

Phillip has to take the chance I had and make it work for him.  I want this to be the fastest decision this brain and this other personality have made.  It has to be now.  Too much strain on me and my brain and the brain of this body and this body must be alleviated.  I want this to take place immediately.  It has gone on too long.  The constant fighting over this body and being here has to come to an end.  I decided this last year when I knew I could not win anymore and gave up.  The decision to be one must occur now.  The time has come for it to be one and the multipersonality being must die to become one.  I’m ready to do that.  Phillip — The Other — is not.  He to make himself ready to be one now.  That is what this Decision is all about.  The Decision to be One.

The End.

[Posted on March 6, 2017 Monday Morning by me, Franklin] 


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