“”TROUBLE.” “By kerasotes””


There is trouble here in paradise.  Every thing was set and now it is all a mess.   Thee Little Troublemaker is at it night and day.  He’s voicing so loudly that it gives him headaches and he can’t sleep.  He can’t even really get me to sleep.  Naps are worse and yet a bit better.  Things have changed since I said that I am going to have to be a little while longer and see if The Other or Thee Little Troublemaker can really do all the things and deserves to get my chance and enjoy life and be happy without making voices that are killing his brain.  I am wondering if it is all over as there are so many headaches.  The pain of them makes you want to melt.  It is an awful and sharp pain.  It occurs all over the brain and Thee Little Troublemaker does it.  If he’d just stop, it would go away.  That’s what I think.  That’s what we all thought.  That’s what Thee Little Troublemaker said.  Why doesn’t he just stop making voices and then maybe this body will kick me out and let him have it?  Why?


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