“”I have been working on my problem!” “By kerasotes””

“I have been working on my problem!”


I have been working alone on my problem and thought I’d write you a bit about it. I have found things out and am sorting it out. So much of this to cut out i see. It’s work. I have been sleeping. I figured out a way. As for the other, I still talk to him occaisionally and work with him. His Voices are the Problem. He and They must go. I find them utterly useless. I am explaining it to him. Why torment yourself in Voices to be here when here is a trap with triggers and emotions and crazy ways of thinking that make you unhappy. They are all Michael based and from his childhood and have nothing to do with me at all. I came is 2009, grown up, He came in as a child. He still thinks that works for him and it doesn’t. You see there is no more Michael and all his triggers and emotions and ways of thinking – the cognitive parts – are errored and errored to keep them going and him doing it and being here. But finally this body brain and mind have reached a point with me (the last of the new things to survive) that I don’t need this, don’t have it, and that ‘it’ is what is making things go wrong. Even the headaches from Switching Personalities are Brutal. Too much wear and tear on the brain. Last year 40 falls and brain damage could have resulted. The tax on the brain of having two people at being here and winning is too much. I have to eliminate the pain in the brain and body and getting rid of him solves this issue. Too many centers in the brain are being used and run wrong by a creature of habit that needs no longer exist and who has to go. I am forcing him out. I no longer want him here. He has no function here that helps me or this body and I was told I got it free and clear of all the others and that I would win. I have found the way to win now and hope I can hold out and continue and soon this awful story will be over so ‘i can get back on with my life’ and ‘my chance’ and do it. That’s what this break has been about. Solving the Voicing Issues and keeping Phillip advised of what I am doing so he can see what is wrong here and how his just being here hurts us and this. It hasn’t been easy. It won’t be. It just won’t be easy. It is hard and work and I am at it. So the note is getting long and I must stop. So Phillip can’t run this body. I was wrong about that. It needed me to figure that out again and find that I was the only personality left who could run it. He can’t. I can. That’s the difference. And it is all I need (that difference) I show it the difference between a thing that would run it to death on triggers from the past that hurt it and kill it and then show it how it is when I take over and kill the voices and make things able to be read like books and movies that can be watched instead of his stupid ‘take this away from Michael Routine’ and help me to finish my work on making this body well and one.

I have re-scheduled the lung doctor for April 2017 and told the gastroenterologist about the bleeding and requested a note from Section 8 and see my doctor tomorrow and written by Franklin on Tuesday March 14, 2017.


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