“”Serotonin & Dopamine Pathways & Functions — What they do!” “By kerasotes””

Serotonin & Dopamine Pathways & Functions — What they do
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Serotonin & Dopamine Pathways & Functions — What they do —

Serotonin & Dopamine Pathways & Functions
and what they do – I like this chart.

Last year I did the work to help these things. It paid off. Dopamine Functions: Reward Pleasure Motor Function -fine tuning Compulsion Perseveration on the one side; and, the other side are the serotonin functions Mood Memory Processing Sleep Cognition.

This year I get to finish it aqnd make this body one. Now today March 16, 2017 I have a new way to help increase the other good things that were destroyed by the others in ‘taking the life away of Michael’ and giving him a bad day things’ are in here. I hope in two weeks I get rid of Phillip and Continue Life as Planned. I wanted him to understand and here is the chart of what he didn’t do last year with Dr. Morgan the Ph. D. in Dissociation who taught me how to correct Cognitive Error and Triggers and Emotions.

Now I get help from a little blue pill to help me with his 5 diseases he stole to make everyone’s life miserable. franklin

I put all this back up on one page.  The Others Spent their lives their time taking away.  Once they had stolen away Michael and He wasn’t around to run the body any more, you all messed up and didn’t give yourselves the lives you should have and done something like the Mike told you to do and that was do the things Michael couln’t do and learn your likes and dislikes as everything that Michael did you may not like nor want to do.  You all didn’t plan this.
You didn’t plan lives for yourselves.
What were you going to do all day if you were the only one here? _______________________________________________ {ANSWER}
(they don’t have one.)
20 years went by and in or by 2015 only 2 out of 57 people were left and one of them not whole but fractured and I watched this being there.  And I found and said “So these Centers and Systems and Functions & Pathways to and in your Brain got disrupted” and “your life became destroying someone else’s”.   20 Years Passed !!  You did This You Did It To Yourselves.  Phillip, you did it too.  I got here in 2009 when you were all over 59 years of age.  I did not do this to myself.  I had not planned for 20 years on how to ruin a man’s life.  You ruined it because you were a part of him and were supposed to integrate and go back into him so he could have all his memories and life back.  That you didn’t do.  You all got rid of him.
He died and we got the Mike the next day.
That was in April 2013 on the 5th.  I want you gone before that day rolls around this year.  Do you know what that means?  You go so I can stay here alone and do my doctors and tests and be alone and one and was made that way and didn’t fracture nor torture myself the way you all did and i told you not to do that to yourselves 4 years ago.  You didn’t stop.  Phillip, Michael’s gone and you didn’t stop.  You didn’t give yourself that “good day”  you kept taking the good day away and replacing it with a “bad one”.  You could take away a good day and give us terrible day instead with a billion voices of the dead like Marge and George and Michael and Robert and Beth Voices all at the wrong ages and children and none of us ever heard Marge because she died before we got here [and there were 3 of us like that].  you all did this to yourselves 20 years ago just for a crummy ending in a book that did give you a way out, Doctor Scher’s and Integration instead of Opposing it and making that and all day long issue for the rest of your lives.  I don’t have that.
It doesn’t work that way anymore.  You are dying.  I’m getting older.  You are against this body – I am not!  You must go.  My doctor told me yesterday when he gave me this stuff to take with the “I want to throw myself out the library on the 9th floor every morning at 2 a.m. when the thing is closed – it is very inconvenient when you throw one of your little moods.  And this pill takes care of 6 major diseases or depressions, six – 6 – .  Six of them at once.  I like it.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is one of those 6, you gave yourself that.  Awful.  I told you about this stuff the day I got here and again today.  I want you to go away on your own before you die from never doing a good thing for yourself and having real fun in this real body since twenty years ago.   So i put all your charts up here that I took on my phone for you with all the dates of the people and when they came.  i was going to write the reasons but you interfered.  The Me said you were not to know The Original Reason Why Michael Split and That’s how things go.  I will write it out if I can.  If I live through all this.  There is that possibility, I may give out.
But “” Here are The Charts I Did The Doctor Liked and was Intrigued With “” just for you.
I want you to go away.  I want you out of here.  You want the same thing.  Help me with it and we’ll see if we can’t get you out of here in two weeks once the meds start kicking in and helping me.  I want you to help me help you go away and integrate.
There – that’s it.   The End, franklin.   March 16. 2017.  Thursday   f

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